Friday, May 15, 2009

What about dark walls?

Do you ever wonder if people paint their walls in dark colors?  I've seen some great rooms and some not so great rooms with dark paint.  Below is a sneak peak of Enormous Champions dining room!  I love the darker color on the wall!  You'd think that it would overpower the space, but the room still feels so light and airy!  The wood tones help to warm up the space as well!


It almost makes me want to try a darker color on my own walls!  What about you?  Would you try a darker color after seeing this picture?


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craftytammie said...

At our previous home, we had an enormous master suite. sigh. We painted the room a deep blue, floor to ceiling, and it made the huge room feel cozy and comfortable. The accents were pale green and purple - which doesn't sound that nice as I write it, but was charming in person. Love the dining room - very chic yet homey.