Thursday, April 01, 2010

Room Redesign:Mary's Dining Room Before

Remember in October when we paired up with JCaroline Home and FLOR to offer some Glamour readers the opportunity for a room makeover?  Meet Mary, the first of the winners!  We'll be revealing her redesign board Monday.  Here's her space that she's asked us to assist her with.

Here are the answers to the design questionnaire.  We use these to make sure we do the best individual design for the family.

1. What space are we redesigning for you and what are the dimensions of that space (including the ceiling height)?

I need help with my dining room/entry way.  The dining/entry way space is approximately 15' x 18'.  Our ceiling is sloped, so the lowest wall is the west wall, which is 7'10"  and it slopes up to 12' 2" on the east wall.  It's a bit of an open floor plan throughout the center of our home (we have a typical 90s suburban home in Florida), where the family room, kitchen and dining room are all essentially the same room, so I painted it all the same color (Behr's Rich Cream).

2.What are your favorite design store/home decor stores?  They can be brick and mortar stores or online stores.  This will tell us a little bit about your style.

I tend to like modern and mid-century modern design, but also traditional when it comes to larger furniture items. I like stores like Ikea, Anthropologie (although it's a bit pricey for me!), UncommonGoods, West Elm. I tend to like bolder colors in moderation, and clean lines.

3. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself and the feeling of the space you'd like?

Well, for the room, I would like it to be warm, inviting, and fun. I suppose I would use those three words for myself too.

4. What are two of your favorite and least favorite colors?  What other colors are used throughout your home?

Anything in the bright orange and fuchsia would be something I don't like. I love reds, blues, greys, though I think I have enough red in the house! The kitchen and family room are directly and openly connected to the dining room. I have bright red kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances. In the family room, I have a celery green couch and chaise and a honey wood floor, so those are the colors that are easily seen from the living room. Elsewhere in the house we have a soft green in the bedroom, a pale orange craft room and a shipwreck grey office that is my husband's den. Black and white tend to be the repeated colors to tie everything together.

5. Who will be using/living in this space?

This is a space my husband and I don't use everyday, but instead is where we entertain. We have friends over for card games, family for dinners, and neighbors step inside to chat. I would love to have a little seating area by the front window. The room just seems too sterile as it is now.

6. Is there anything else you'd like us to include or consider in designing your space?  Include here if there are any pieces you'd really like to keep, or anything you'd really love to see!

Well, I'm attached to the decal dandelion and the chandelier, and the table.  Since the color ties the dining room, kitchen and family room together, I would like to keep it, although I am open to accent colors in the built in shelving area, including the ledge in front of the mirror.  This room echos like crazy, and I would love to get some textiles in to help with that. I can sew a bit and my husband and I are up for DIY stuff too.

Can't wait to show you Mary's redesign Monday!

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