Monday, April 05, 2010

Room Redesign: Mary's Dining Room After

Did you catch Mary's room from Friday?  Here's her room layout and redesign!  She wanted a more fun, warm, and inviting space for her dining room/entry way.  They have friends over for dinner, games, and chatting and want this space to feel comfortable for everyone.  Their new furniture layout will look like this:

I've turned the table so that it uses only half the room instead of floating in the middle of the room.  If you look at this before picture you can see that the chandelier will be very easy to move and be centered over the new table position.

By placing an area rug underneath the table it will keep it grounded and your eyes focused on this area.  For the other half of the room I've added a small seating area filled with some comfortable, yet fun chairs and an ottoman that can be used for extra seating, an end table, or just to put your feet up on.  I'd also love to see the wall space behind the gorgeous built in area covered with a fun paper to add a little bit of contrast and pattern to the space.  Especially since all the items currently on the shelf are very neutral.  Having a pattern behind those will just make them pop!  This is a very easy DIY project that I think Mary and her husband could handle no problem.

1.  I used the Tullsta chairs from IKEA covered in the solid chocolate fabric from JCaroline Home.

2. The Ottoman is the large 18" round one from JCaroline Home covered in Earth Fireworks fabric.

3. Accent pillows from JCaroline Home covered in Citron and Earth Fireworks.

4. Make simple panels from the Foliage Sand fabric from  Use the panels for all windows in the space, it will help to pull the space together and let it feel more cohesive to the eye.

5.  Accent rug from FLOR.  This is the All Square pattern in lime.

6. Recycled Glass hurricanes from West Elm.  Fill them with natural green objects like branches, leaves, simple flowers.

7. The Italian Chocolate paper from Paper-Source would be a great addition to the alcove space behind the shelves.

8. Dress up the mirror.  Etch a quote or flourish along the bottom of the mirror to add a little decoration.  (Not willing to permanently etch the glass?  Cut out the shape or phrase with clear contact paper.  The matte finish of the contact paper will look exactly like etched glass and if you get tired of the design it's easy to take it down and switch it out!  It's also easy to switch it out for more seasonal quotes too!)

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Kara said...

I really like this! Love the ottoman and the fabric choices!