Tuesday, April 06, 2010

NYC recap: nu hotel

One of my favorite parts about traveling is staying in modern and inspiring hotels.  I was lucky to find the nu hotel in Brooklyn during our search for accommodations around NYC and it was awesome!

We arrived late, due to some delays with rain and were greeting with a smile at 2am.  It was a great surprise and very welcomed after our day of traveling.  It seemed as if their motto was "yes" to everything we needed.... it was even posted in their lobby.

nu hotel, brooklyn

Each morning, we had the luxury of eating right at the hotel- which was so very, very nice.  It was down-pouring rain the entire time we were there so we sat up to this bar and welcomed a muffin, a piece of fruit and a tall glass of juice before we went on our way.

nu hotel, brooklyn

nu hotel, brooklyn

We stayed in the NU Standard Suite which is basic, but has everything you need.

nu hotel, brooklyn

Isn't that accent pillow just adorable?  And I loved their padded backboard and array of comfy pillows.  It made it easy to hop on the computer while sitting in bed at night.  {And good news... they have free wifi.  Just another reason why I love them}.

nu hotel, brooklyn

And just in case you like working at a desk, they have that available in the room for you too.  Love the simple chair.

Now for the bathroom.  This was one of my favorite parts.  Can you guess why?

nu hotel, brooklyn

They have a chalkboard wall in the bathroom!  How awesome is that?

And then they have these wonderful smelling goodies.

nu hotel, brooklyn

On top this beautiful and sleek sink.

nu hotel, brooklyn

Heaven, right?  And just in case you're wondering how cool their other rooms are, the hotel hooked me up with some images.

Look at the Queen Alcove -- complete with bunk beds!

And you are treated like a Queen in the King Alcove room with your very own hammock.  Awesome, right?

And when we left Brooklyn, it was still pouring cats and dogs.  Thankfully, Mario was there to help.

nu hotel, brooklyn

He quickly hailed us a cab and loaded all of our luggage for us. In the pouring rain.  Thank you Mario!

We loved staying at the nu hotel-- the location was great,  the room was perfect and the personal touches were above and beyond!  Next time I go to NYC I am definitely staying here.

I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this post or stay at nu hotel.  This was posted by my own charm and love of the nu hotel.


texnyqueen said...

Absolutely beautiful. I've bookmarked it on my list for NYC travel.

On the opposite coast, I love the Custom Hotel (even with the faux sheep).

Mujer said...

Nu is absolutely amazing. I had the privilege of staying there one night, and it was awesome. Mario is absolutely the best employee there. He's a class act. The hotel is sleek, inspired and inviting. I always recommend it to friends who are heading into nyc. So glad you enjoyed your visit.

Chellie said...

Great post - I just booked the Nu on http://www.quikbook.com/ for a visit to NYC at the end of May. Thanks!