Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Oilo Nursery Decor

These lovely images appeared in my inbox this morning.  And I said, "Oh, my heart, be still."

{Glider with pouf footrest and pillows}

Have I told you that my son is turning 2 this Friday?  He is and I couldn't be more happy.  Now if I could just figure out a way to cure my longing to have another baby.  Yes, there's an easy cure for that, I know.  In due time, in due time, my friends. 

{Modern Berries set with double cylinder light and glider}

Don't you love this nursery set up?  It's all Oilo.  Oilo was founded by Annalisa Thomas to offer a chic, new solution for fashionable nursery décor.  In her quest to find modern and stylish nursery décor for her first child, Thomas she found a void in the marketplace for well styled nursery décor at an affordable price.

{Cobblestone set and cylinder lights}

Annalisa has since teamed up with her mother, Dorte Anderson, a former interior designer to offer a modern mom and fresh new approach to nursery décor. 

And good news!  As a Fresh Nest reader, you get 15% off your order!  Use the code fnd2010 for a 15% discount on any order from oilostudio.com.  Happy shopping!

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Lisa said...

Oh, I love those rooms! It really makes me want a second child!