Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Carpet Blues

Saturday was one of those days where I wished we never would have gotten out of bed. We had plans to put away the Christmas decorations and paint the office. Remember how I said that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to do something that scared me once a month? Well, my friends, I decided to choose a very bold color for the office... one of which I wasn't absolutely sure would go with the rest of our netural house decor. The color I settled on was a turquoise/seafoam color. I thought a 'pop' of color would be nice.

I returned home on Friday with paint in hand and set it on the ledge on the stairway as that's the first place to set stuff right when you come into our house. Fast forward to Saturday when I ask Casey if he can take the tree out of the house. He happily obliges. On his way out the door, I hear a big boom and just think that he knocked the gate off the top of the stairs, but then I look a little closer.... the paint can had been knocked off the ledge at the top of the stairs and split open and was pouring out onto the top step and onto the second step. Here is a picture after we soaked up most of the paint (3/4 of the gallon poured out).

We soon realized it was a lost cause to try and salvage the carpet at all. I made a few quick phone calls and was scheduled someone to come out Monday to replace the carpet. Luckily we had a remanent left over from the original installation.

If only the story would have ended there, though. Since we had a little paint left, I decided to paint a swatch in the office to make sure we liked the color before I went to go get more paint. Casey was busy doing something and decided he needed his drill. As he went downstairs to get his drill, King Jonzy decided to follow him. As he followed Casey, he stepped in the paint and managed to paint about 50 blue paw prints down the remaining stairs and in the rec room located in the basement. Who ever said this dog doesn't have talent? I think he circled around a couple of times before he realized where Casey was.

In the hustle and bustle of grabbing the carpet cleaner and scrubbing. And scrubbing. Scrubbing for 3 whole hours, I didn't get a picture. I know, I know, my priorities were not in line! Here is a picture of one of Jonzy's feet AFTER getting in the bath. You will probably have to click on it to even see the paint.
This picture really doesn't do it any justice. All of his four paws were covered in paint and one of his front forearms was too. Lets just say Jonzy is happy to be alive today and we are so glad that Saturday is over.


wendysue said...

Ugh. Well, it does kind of make a cool design on your carpet right? I'm not sure how the pawprints would look though.

I do like the bright blue!

Audra said...

bummer! But since stress and anxiety are characteristics of being scared...I think you can check it off for the month...

Nicole said...

The blue is a nice color! Don't give up now, paint that room (just consider sending Casey and Jonzy to the park while you are working on it).

Marlyce said...

On a positive note, I totally love the color. I feel inspired to put it in my basement bathroom when it is finished.