Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Talking About Emotions With Toddlers

I've had these rubber stamps for years.  I think my Aunt Paula bought me this set for my 10th birthday.  I used to have this obsession with collecting stamps.  I guess it was the start of my crafting days, huh?!  Caden (4 yo) loves playing with them and making all sorts of funny faces.  I thought it would be a great to use in learning about emotions too.  I asked him to make a silly guy, a serious guy (he wanted to do a scary guy instead), and a happy guy, etc.  It was fun to see what he came up with and I would ask him why he choose a certain mouth or eyes. He is starting to take notice of certain traits and it's fun to talk about them.

If you are looking for a stamp set like this one, I think this is the same set with different packaging.

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