Wednesday, March 07, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

We have a great tradition on St. Patrick's Day.  This was actually a tradition we adopted from Casey's mother.  We love to act like our kitchen was invaded by leprechauns and all of our food was turned green.  Our breakfast usually consists of green pancakes and green milk for breakfast.  It's a silly tradition, but one that Caden loves.  You've never seen a boy scarf down pancakes and a glass of milk more quickly!  (I need to remember this trick when he doesn't want to even try the food on the table).

All you do, is add a couple drops of food coloring to the milk and pancake batter (or there are endless options... muffins, waffles, bread, rolls, etc) and voila!  Your kitchen has been invaded by leprechauns.

Do you have any fun traditions for St. Patrick's Day?


Hilary said...

We do something similar! But here's a mommy secret, add two shredded zucchinis into the pancake batter for a naturally green, healthier pancake! Both kids like them which is saying a lot.

-They won't be overly green but just slightly tinted

deb said...

Genius, Hilary! I love that idea!