Monday, February 14, 2011

Checking Things Off Our Rezi List

Remember our Rezi List?  We are working hard at crossing things off it as quickly as we can.  This weekend, we tackled the kitchen sink.  Here's what it looked like before we started.

See the tainted faucet?  I got a little over zealous in cleaning the faucet by using a harsh cleaner (that was after this cleaning).  It not only ruined the faucet, but it left our stainless steel sink looking streaky.  As if the sink weren't hard enough to keep looking clean!  So we decided to get a new sink that was bigger and better than what we had.

Then, before we even started looking, my parents redid their entire kitchen.  Top to bottom.  They had a great looking sink that was in mint condition that they wanted to get rid of.  We told them we could easily take it off their hands.  And that's just what we did.  All we had to do was switch out the drains and we were good to go.  {Side note: my parents are not fans of having a garbage disposal so we had to swap out one of their drains for our existing garbage disposal.}

So my husband and brother-in-law worked as hard as they could to loosen the existing drains.  After using about every special tool in their bucket, and a trip into town later, this is what we were left with.

It broke right in half.  Unfortunately the stubborn drain wouldn't come free.  We're not quite sure why as our stainless steel sink was a piece of cake to work on.  So, another "quick" trip into town to pick out a sink and this is the end result.

A beautiful deep sink with a nice new faucet.  Did you notice the matching soap dispenser too?  We love our new sink.... even if things didn't quite go as expected!

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