Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Friday

Wow!  Friday is already here!  I hope you're enjoying it wherever you are reading this.  We've been busy around these parts.

{my new boots}

Can you believe that Porter is already 3 months old?

He's gaining weight at rapid speeds these days.  I stepped on the scale with him this week and he weighs a whopping 17 lbs.  Let's just say he's serious about his milk.

I've also been busy planning for ALT Summit.  It's a conference for design, photography, fashion, and creative type bloggers and I can't wait for it to come!  I'm very excited, but also a little nervous.  Have you seen the great line up of people that are going to be there?  It's overwhelming!

I promise to keep you in the loop while I'm there. In the meantime, I'm off to plan my wardrobe.  I've been formulating outfits in my head all week, and now it's time to see if they look as good as I think I will.

While I'm off doing my own catwalk, enjoy some inspiration I've seen around the interwebs this week.

  1. I made this Garlic Chicken Pizza this week and it's now my favorite meal.  {Bonus: it's pretty healthy too!}

  2. Give me a paint brush now.  Superneutral decorating palettes.

  3. Words to live by.

  4. This color palette sums up how I feel right now.

  5. DIY: make a lovely woven trivet.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Thanks for reading, and we'll see you Monday.



Joni said...

So where did you get the cute boots? I've been looking for a pair just like that.

Zandri said...

Love those boots! Enjoy alt summit. I am completely jealous & promised myself that next year I'll be going!

deb said...

Thanks, everyone! I got the boots at a local boutique and I love them.

Zandri- Hope to meet you there next year!

Kelly S said...

LOVE the name Porter for a boy! It's my maiden name, and my daughter's middle name. Wishing you much joy as he grows and develops! Love your boots, too! WANT them!