Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Everyday

I have a secret to tell you.
Porter is 3 months old.
Crazy, huh?

Another secret?
He weighs 17 lbs. {according to my scale at home}
Yeah. He likes milk.

He also likes it when you talk to him.
And snuggle.

And he loves the morning time.
He is often caught cooing bright and early in his crib.
Yes, he's the cutest thing ever.

{Actually, Caden ties him for that}

Random facts:

  • First rollover from tummy to back- 1/11/11
  • First cereal experience- 1/4/11 (we tried it to see if it would help him sleep. No luck, so he's off cereal for the time being)
  • Sleep- varies a lot. Some nights he's up 2-3-4-5 times. Last night he slept from 9pm-5am. We are trying our best to get him to sleep at night.

1 comment:

Team Fuller said...

I can't believe he's 3 months already. And he's BIG! Kellen has his 4 month appt tomorrow, anxious to see what he weighs.

As for sleeping, girl, we're in THE SAME BOAT. I thought something was wrong. But I've read the books and all I can conclude is that it's all perfectly normal. It's taken a lot of hard work and few times crying it out a bit, but we seem to be reaching a bit more normalcy now. Just this week he's been routine. Since coming home from Christmas, he was up sometimes every hour. I was pulling my hair out. But now we're down to a simple 1am feeding. He wakes up in the morning anywhere btwn 5:30am- 8:30am. I can't find a routine on that one but who cares. I'll take one 1 am feeding and 5:30am wake up right now if that's the best I can get! Better than up every hour.

He goes down at 7:30pm like clockwork now too which is nice. His last feeding is at 6:30. But, having said all that, it's since I've introduced formula. He gets both breast milk and formula and that seems to keep him better through the night.

You're doing a great job, the boys look fantastic and so do you!