Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To: Touch up Furniture

If you're like pretty much any household, your wood furniture takes quite a beating.  Our dining room set has moved with us 3 times and been part of our family for close to 7 years.  That being said, it has taken its fair share of scratches.  I'll show you how to easily touch up those scratches!

You don't even need those expensive "wood touch up" markers either!  Find a permanent marker with a color similar to your wood finish.  A Sharpie or Copic marker works great!  It just has to be a similar color, not an exact match!

This is my chair before the touch up, pretty bad, huh?

Color your scratches away!  I usually do a little bit at a time and before the marker is dry, use a rag (or finger) to rub in the color.  This helps it blend in better with your actual wood instead of looking like it was just colored in.

My "new" chair!  Told you it was easy!

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