Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Motherhood Surprises

Motherhood constantly surprises me. I always knew growing up that I would have children, and that I would be a mother. But I never really thought I would be that good at it. My patience wears thin if things aren't going the way I planned and I like to be busy which makes for a hectic home sometimes.

At the beginning of each year, I make goals and my one goal for this year was to simplify my life so I can focus on more important things.

I had no idea that we would have another child this year. But I'm so, so glad we did. And I'm so, so glad that I focused on simplifying this year.

It has made me a far better mother. I am much more patient, and less busy filling my life with things I think will make me happier.

Seeing Caden as a big brother makes my heart swell. He is the sweetest 2 year old I've ever met and I'm so thankful to be his mom. And that Porter. He's a gem of a baby. So cuddly and so precious. These two guys make me proud to be a mother.


Kaitlyn said...

Seriously - this picture almost made me cry Deb! Caden is the cutest!

Hope everything is going good for you and your adorably cute little family :)

(pray that I can find that money tree so I can fly out there to see you guys!!)

Seirões Leiterários said...


I accidentally passed by and decided to wish you all the best with your great family...enjoy their childhood because when they're older you'll probably see very little of them and may even miss them...my son moved away and I miss him quite a bit...that's life!

Hollie said...

What a great post Deb! I've been feeling the same way lately and have simplified things too. Really puts things in perspective.

Congratulations to you and your sweet family!