Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Link Love

Hello wonderful Fresh Nest readers & happy Friday!

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare-  it was a long day and I'm very thankful that today is Friday.  I was admitted to the hospital because they were concerned my membrane had ruptured.  Good news: it hadn't, but regardless, it was a day filled with various emotions in addition to a lot of poking and prodding to figure out what was going on.  Turns out it was just a bladder infection.

So no baby just yet, but an awesome bladder infection instead.

And upon leaving the hospital, the nurse gave me a muscle relaxer to "slow things down" because I was having contractions frequently enough due to the stress.  I gladly took as I was completely zapped.  I went home and slept the night away.

I woke up this morning completely exhausted.  So to re-energize this morning, I'm looking at all the incredible things I've seen online this week.  Feel free to share your inspiration in the comments below.

DIY Silhouette Poster - wouldn't this be fun to do for the whole family? {pictured above via poppytalk}

Paper Owl Mobile.

The talented Princess Lasertron launches a dress line.  And it's nothing less than amazing!

Easy DIY Cork Trivets.

Cute bubble chalkboard.

An outdoor party that makes me happy.

I think I need this hanging in my office.

What have you seen around the interwebs this week that you'd like to share?  Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Oh, Deb! Sorry to hear about your scare, and absolutely relieved you (and the little one) are okay! Wishing you much rest and relaxation for the weekend... =D

deb said...

Thank you so Lisa! We are doing good here and are making sure to relax a little this weekend. ;)