Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Redesign: Susan's Living Room

Recently, I helped Susan makeover her space.  In Susan's words she described how the space is used:

The family makes heavy use of the desks/computers. Incorporating at least one of them is important. This room is used for watching TV, some video gaming, computer usage. This is the room our family uses most frequently.

Here are a couple pictures of Susan's space before.

In designing the space, I kept with the neutral decor of Susan's home and added a little bit of color using apple green.  I completely understand the need for computers in the home so I kept one of the desks in the room, but moved it to the wall where the television sits currently.  This will make it more of a work area, when needed, and then the rest of the room for more of a lounge/television watching area.  Where the two desks were currently placed, it took over the focus of the room.  I placed the two chairs and ottoman from JCaroline Home against the windows so if extra light is needed for reading, it is available.  I moved the television and stand against the wall across from the windows.  Since Susan said that the curtains are normally drawn when watching television, I figured the glare wouldn't be much of an issue.  I added an 8x10 FLOR rug that will cover a large portion of the room and will bring everything together.  Behind the chairs, I changed the window treatments to white.  This will provide a slight contrast in the room, but still keeping everything neutral.

Here is a the new floorplan proposed for Susan:

A breakdown of the goodies:

  1. I used the Tullsta chairs from IKEA covered in the Earth Beads fabric from JCaroline Home.

  2. The Ottoman is a large 18″ square one from JCaroline Home covered in the solid Apple Green fabric.

  3. Accent pillows from JCaroline Home covered in solid Apple Green and Earth Stacks.

  4. I wanted to keep the window treatments simple in the space so I went with these white window panels from Target.

  5. Accent rug from FLOR.  This is the Pop Tartan pattern in brown.

  6. To tie the space together, I recommend getting this painting to place above the fireplace with some of these green footed hurricanes from West Elm.

  7. Lastly, I added some plants on both sides of the fireplace as I think a little natural greenery in a room can go a long way.  These can be any plants that are 2'-3' tall.

This redesign was done in partnership with Glamour magazine, JCaroline Home and FLOR.  If you're interested in hiring us to help you redesign your space, check out our services here.

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