Friday, July 30, 2010

Simple Modern Nursery

Getting ready for the baby is weighing heavily on the brain.  I'm into my third trimester and feel like time is going faster than I can handle. 

I have so much to do, and am hoping that any ounce of energy I have can stick around for as long as possible.  Lord knows I need it because my husband will be out of town 90% of the time over the next 6 weeks. 

I'm in the process of gathering a bunch of goodies to polish off my son's room to accomodate the baby.  It's been really fun adapting what I have to make the room suitable for both the baby and toddler.  Let's just say this baby won't have a light and airy nursery.  It's color to the max which judging by this guy's movement, I'm pretty sure he will be okay with that. 

I was feeling really good about my design, and then in my crazy emotional state started to doubt myself when I saw this lovely modern nursery over at make me studio

It's everything a nursery should be.  And more. 

Then I told myself that my design is okay.  It will be wonderful.  And fun.  Because there truly is no "right" way to design.  So I'm going with my gut, and what I feel is right.

Check out make me studio's blog post about the nursery shown above--- she was kind enough to share her findings so we can all copy her.  

Have a great weekend!




Dee said...

I'm an occasional visitor to your blog. You've used such fresh and calming colors, with a few wonderful spikes of orange that will be stimulating in positive ways for your baby. I kind of feel like there's too much white and perhaps would have preferred some balance with an unpainted dresser in a nice wood or colorful curtains. I also feel the zebra rug placement looks a bit like a runway with the crib at the end. But black and white really encourages babies in ways that are supportive of their development. Really, though, the design is quite lovely and a wonderful inspiration. :o)

Dee said...

Oh, gosh. That was meant to be a happy face! So sorry!!! :)

Audra said...

Think calming...bright colors and contrast stimulate creativity and mental development...but that's better for toys or the mobile. When the baby is in the room- you want it to be conducive to relaxation and calm.

Just a thought- good luck with everything chickee! Call me if you need any help, rest or cheesecake!