Thursday, August 05, 2010

Before & After: Bathroom & Kitchen

Totty and Dave sent over their most recent transformations of their home.  It all started out in the bathroom.  They purchased the house about 5 years ago, and remodeled the bathroom shortly after moving in.  Unfortunately, they hired a bad tile worker, and ended up having to redo the entire bathroom a couple years later.  Here is a before picture of the bathroom- this is what it looked like when they moved in.

And the after pictures:

Lovely, right?  I especially like the benched seating, the sinks and the wallpaper.  You can find more details and pictures of the transformation on their blog.

As if tackling the bathroom wasn't enough, Totty and Dave moved right along to the kitchen.  And just like the bathroom, they redid it shortly after moving in.  This is their second time redoing it in 5 years!  Oh, the patience they must have for dust!!  Here is what the kitchen looked like when they moved in.

And the after pictures:

I love the shelving underneath the cabinets, and the beautiful wood floors.  Isn't it an amazing transformation?  You can view more pictures and details over on their blog.  Thanks so much for sharing, Totty and Dave!

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