Friday, August 06, 2010

Versailles in Photos

While in Paris my husband and I took the train out to visit Versailles.  It was definitely worth it!  I've never seen such expansive, beautiful grounds as well as an amazing palace!  Here are a few pictures I took of our visit there.

This is the Orangerie at Versailles. King Louis XIV brought over 3000 orange and other citrus trees to his garden. They were all in wheeled planters so when it was nice outside, his gardeners had to wheel them all out!

I love this little window latch, complete with the Fleur de Lis.  To open the window you had to lift and pull.  It looks way better then any latch I've seen recently!

Statues watching the hallway at Versailles.

I've always loved end grain wood flooring.  Basically you take the wood piece, and instead of cutting it into planks, you slice it like you would a roll of cookie dough.  You end up with a super durable wood flooring with a great pattern.

Little doorknob.  Loved the detail on everything here!

Period pieces of furniture.  I loved that the aqua/light blue was fashionable even then.

I saw many bust sculptures throughout my trip, but the ones where a few different types of stone were mixed together were my favorite.  This one had 4 different types of stone used.


Malerie @postscripted said...

The first {and only} time I was in Versailles, I was 17 and with a touring group of teenagers...I'd absolutely love to go back and spend an entire day there. The gardens were my absolute favorite!

Heatherly said...

I could have explored the grounds for a week! And the little town was ripe for exploring too. One of our best days in France.