Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Redesign: Bedroom

Happy Monday everyone!  Was your weekend as hot as mine?!  I about melted away with the humidity.  And keeping with the theme, I have a very personal and hot redesign today.  As you know, I've been working on our master bedroom.  Over the weekend I worked on some wall art.

And it was a big fail.   

So now I'm back to square one. 

When I feel like I'm at square one, I like to get ideas down on paper to see if I like where my vision is headed.  {Because sometimes things look better in my head than they do on paper}.  The paper never lies, I tell you. 

In our master bedroom, I'd like to incorporate a little yellow.  {Note: I haven't run this past the mister so we'll see how well this flies}.

Here's what I've envisioned for the room so far:

Master Bedroom Redesign

  1. This is what is currently in the room:  {upper left corner clockwise} paint color, pillows, bedding, lamps, wood finishing on bedroom set.

  2. I'd like to cover the white lamps with a print like this one.  I'm not sure if she sells it anymore as the color isn't available in her etsy shop. 

  3. I have about a 2'x2' area between the wall and the dresser.  I would like to add a sidechair with some wall art hanging over it. 

  4. This wall art might just do the trick, and it makes me happy. 

  5. Above the end tables, I would add some simple wall art.  I would take these placemats and spray paint them white.  I think with the lamp shade covers, it would be a nice simple touch that would feel balanced.

  6. I would like to accessorize the end tables too with lovely treasures like this birdie vase.  So sweet and cute. 

The one item that I keep going back and forth on is whether or not to paint the end tables white.  They are more of a cherry finish.  The mister says no --- mainly because I have an obsession with painting things white, and sometimes it backfires on me.  I'm just sure it would make everything look a million times better.  What do you think?  Should I paint them white, leave them, or do something else?


Eppu said...

How about draping a crisp, white cloth on your end tables? That way your husband could see for himself how they look in white without a big commitment, and if you both decide to stay with the cherry finish, it's easy to undo.

deb said...

What a great idea, Eppu! Definitely better than committing before my husbands ready. :)