Monday, July 12, 2010

Modern French Provencial Redesign

This design is based off of these fabulous plates that I found in Paris at La Chaise Longue.

I was so protective of them that I counted them as a carry-on for the plane and they didn't leave my sight until I unpacked them safely in my kitchen!  I love the modern, colorful take on a very classic design!!  This would probably be the kitchen I'd want to display them in:

1. Kitchen Island from Kitchen Island Co.  What better way to let the colors take center stage than with a mainly neutral kitchen?

2. Green Brita Water Filter from Target.  Love the new colors!  Perfect to go, straight from the fridge!

3. Fiesta dinnerware in coordinating colors from JcPenney.  Don't be afraid to mix and match the colors!

4. Measuring Spoons silhouette from OodlesofColor.  Don't you just love it?  The shop owner will also do custom colors of the print, so be sure to choose some colors that correspond with the plates too!

5. Custom chevron curtains from Nenavon.

6. White bar stools.  A perfect place to sit and enjoy all the color!  If you're really digging the color, try reupholstering the seats in some coordinating fabric!


Traveling Mama said...

I absolutely love those plates and the amazing kitchen design too! Yes, I think plates like those would deserve a place of honor in my kitchen too! I cannot wait to hear more about your trip!

Doug said...

I couldn't agree more about the neutral kitchen. One thing that I like to do, in addition to adding a flare of color, is get a little creative with my cabinet hardware. There are lots of options: mix and match and give it a whimsical feel, or add some colorful hardware as a great accent. I found a lot of great knobs and pulls at They have a huge selection, great prices and they shipped to me in a couple of days. I hope this is helpful!