Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't Beat the Mountains

Forgive me for being a little lax today.  I took a last minute vacation over the weekend to Estes Park, CO with my boys and loved every minute of it.

We just got back last night and even though the trip was short I'm still recovering from all the hiking, good food and relaxation.

As you can see, my prego belly is more than noticeable at this point.  And summer has not been good to my feet.... if I were green, I would look like Shrek.  My swelling feet loved the mountains and they are back to normal.  Now if I can only keep them that way.

For a little design inspiration, check out this before and after couch reveal by the ever-so-talented Susan from Freshly Picked.


Traveling Mama said...

You look amazing and your son is such a cutie! I know what you mean about the feet. I was so miserable for my third pregnancy with no a/c for the hottest summer ever in Morocco and my feet were so swollen I thought they were going to pop. But, literally, within an hour of delivering they were almost back to normal. It was the weirdest thing! Thankfully it is all worth it when we hold our little ones!

deb said...

You are so sweet, Tina. It's supposed to be deathly hot here today in the midwest... with the heat index it's going to be 113 so I'm pretty sure my skinny mountain feet won't last long. :) And you're right... these little ones are worth everything.