Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Italian Architecture Part 2

Next up on our little virtual road trip is Florence, and Venice, as well as the Italian countryside.

Isn't the building decoration gorgeous?  Those were all painted on!

Bridge and market in Florence.

The northern countryside was all terraced farms.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!

Central Italy.  This part of the country was filled with row upon row of vineyards.

Rolling Italian countryside, mile after mile!

Sunset one night over the Dolomite mountains.  (They are part of the Alps that are in Italy.)  These were the most gorgeous, breathtaking mountains I'd EVER seen!  We turned a switchback going up to our resort and saw this, so naturally we stopped to take some pictures and enjoy the sunset!  (Note:  There is no color editing on this photo!)

Fund doorway I ran across in Trento, Italy.  In Europe, most of the large entrance doors to the buildings have door knobs in the center, like the lion head ones above.  It's very rare to find a doorknob not in the center of the door!

Dinner!  Wild Fungi (mushroom) pizza, Spaghetti, Calzone, Spinach and Cream Cheese Pizza.  All were delicious!!

Vineyards.  I think I want to retire in Italy!

Gondolas.  (Please let me apologize in advance for all the Venice pictures.  There were just SO many opportunities for great photos!  I think I'll be doing a new decor project soon with some of my Venice photos!)

Solitary Gondola.  Notice how it's curved towards the left...gondoliers only ever row on one side, so by making the gondolas curved towards the opposite side, they always go straight!!

I loved how everyone's front doors are off the water.  Instead of driving up in the car, you have to park your boat out front!

Gondolas all in a row!  So quaint!

Old time Venice.  (Or at least how it might have looked.  You can thank Photoshop for the visualization!)

I loved this little hotel in Venice.  The bright, cheery blue made me smile as we boated by!

Next up in the Europe series is going to be Austria and Germany, be prepared for a different architectural look!

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Sarah said...

I LOVE those shots of the countryside! Something about seeing those makes me feel serene and happy :)