Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane

We're back from a great trip in Estes Park.

I can't tell you how great it was. Relax to the max with a little bit of hiking and hanging out with good friends.

And we have our car back! Oh, how I missed having 4 doors.

I have now entered the third trimester with baby #2. Can you believe it?

Neither can I
.... the time is going very fast. We are now discussing baby names and I'm pretty sure we found the golden nugget last night. I'm pretty sure this guy is going to be famous, or something.

Because it's that good.

{Sorry to be such a tease & wish I could share it with you, but we like to keep it a secret until we meet the baby and make sure we like the name}.

Just for fun, what are some of your favorite names these days?


Team Fuller said...

You look great but I want to see that belly!

Hollie said...

What!!!!! You went to Estes! Do you know how close I live to Ester.....I'm so sad:(

Hope you had a great trip and let me know next time you come out!

Deb said...

So sorry, Hollie!!! It was a really quick trip, but we will sure let you know next time we're out.

Hollie said...

You better! By the way, I meant Estes:) Pregnancy makes my brain all blah:)