Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To: Displaying Wall Art

Looking for different and creative ways to make focal points out of your wall art?  Here are a couple different variations you can use.


A grid-like arrangement where the wall art is hung the same distance apart.  Symmetrical displays are typically hung using matching frames.

{Apartment Therapy}

{Isabella and Max}


Asymmetrical aka Art Gallery Layout

Don't be afraid.  This is actually one of the easier arrangements because it's completely random.

{Princess Lasertron}

{Design Hole}

{ABC News}

{Young House Love}

Looking for help in hanging your wall art? Give this a try.  Before committing with nails, hang up pieces of paper the same size as your pictures using painters tape.  Painter's tape will keep the paint on your walls safe.  Doing a test run on your wall will give a great representation of how the arrangement will look once hung.

{Better Homes & Gardens}

Another way you can do it is by laying the picture on the floor before hanging them on the wall.  You can also check out this handy tutorial full of tips from Design FormuLA on making a picture wall collage.

In previous posts, we showcased various wall art inspiration and offered a tutorial on how to hang your pictures.

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Brandi said...

Nice! I love these different ways of hanging wall art.