Monday, July 26, 2010

How To: Etched Dinner Glasses

I made these as a gift this weekend, and let me tell you, it was easy and they came out looking so fantastic!!  Everything to make the glasses will set you back around $10 (with your Michael's coupon), and that includes the glasses!

Supplies You'll need:

Dinner glasses.  I got 2 sets of 4 for 2.39 at Target.  $4.78 Spent

Glass Etching Cream.  Even though 3 oz doesn't seem like a lot, I used less than half a bottle for all 8 glasses!  Around $8.  (If you use a coupon from Michaels you can get it at 40% off!)

Contact paper/Vinyl/Stickers etc.  Any of these will work to make your pattern with for etching.  Want to stick with stripes?  That's easy too, just use tape!  (price varies)

Foam Brush


Wash and dry your glasses so you have a clean surface to etch.

Lay out the shapes you'd like to etch and adhere them to the glass.  I made the shape I used in Illustrator and then had my Cricut cut it out for me.  (Here are the shapes waiting for the etching cream.)

Paint a heavy coat of the etching cream on the glass and let it sit.  I usually do 2 at a time.  You don't have to let it sit very long, usually just 4-6 minutes.  (Don't forget to place some old newspapers or a plastic bag on your work surface to protect it from the etching cream.  Also, please work in a well ventilated area, this stuff is dangerous if used in a closed, un-ventilated space.  We want you to be safe!!)

Rinse off the glasses and remove your stickers.  (I like to make my etching cream last as long as possible so right before I rinse my project I use my brush to scrape off as much of the etching cream as possible and put it back in my container.)  Let dry, and you've got fabulous new glasses!


Malerie @ {postscripted} said...

Wow! What a fabulous project- I love how yours turned out!

Traveling Mama said...

wow! These are completely amazing!!! I wonder if I can get some of that cream here? I will have to check!

Ashley said...

What a fun project! I have visions of making personalized pint glasses for my husband's bar in the man cave now. :)