Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NeoCon Recap Part 2-Products

NeoCon is the time that most new products, colorways, and innovations for the design industry are introduced.  Here are a few cool things I saw while there.

This bench from LA based design firm Arktura is made with powdered coated steel.  I love how light it looks with the cutout center.  It's looks lacy and delicate, even though it's extremely sturdy.

This is a newly designed chair named Chakra from one of my favorite designers Karim Rashid for The Raynor Group.  Definitely not your stereotypical chair.  It was quite comfortable and came in many great colors!

I loved this light fixture in the Holly Hunt showroom!  Absolutely breathtaking!

Another interesting chair from Dauphin.  This chair was also comfortable and I like that it's easy to clean because there are no nooks and crannies for food and trash to get caught in.

What do you think of the chairs?  I did personally sit in both of them and they were comfortable, though the Karim Rashid one just seemed psychologically weird to sit in.

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28 said...

That bench is amazing!