Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NeoCon Recap Part 1-Color

The NeoCon World Trade Fair is held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  It's a once a year event where over 700 exhibitors get together under one roof to show off their new and innovative design products.  There's everything from new flooring, office chairs, down to new color palettes from paint manufacturers and the next innovative hospital bed!  You should know by now that I LOVE color.  And I LOVE seeing lots of it at once.  So don't be surprised if I took lots of color pictures at NeoCon last week.  I'll do another recap later this week focusing more on products but here's some color therapy for you:

I LOVE this color palette!  It's a nice dark blue violet with a touch of chartreuse.  Gorgeous!

Love the display of their carpet!

Not only are these tables fabulous but that wall is AWESOME!  Imagine having that as an accent wall in your dining room.  Maybe the lights could change color depending on the mood!

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