Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Redesign: Sitting Room

Today I wanted a redesign based off the simple graphic lines of the accent pillow below.  I wanted to keep things light since the walls will be saturated with a nice peacock blue!

1. Cream Oval Back Settee from  Clean and elegant.  I love how it's a good size, but looks lightweight!

2. Pillow cover from KainKain.  Love the graphic design of this pillow!

3. Peacock Print from Philly22.  Love the large graphic.  Print it large enough to look like a piece of custom wallpaper.

4. Modern Silk Stripe window panels from West Elm.  These are a pretty basic design.  You could probably make your own pretty easily.

5. Glass lamp from Lamps Plus.  Keeping things light, I chose a transparent glass lamp.

6. Chambre end table from Macy's.

7. Wirebirds by MFAS.  These would make great little conversation pieces for an accent table!

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