Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin's Redesign: Before

Robin contacted us and needed help with a redesign.  She and her husband recently moved from a 1920’s classic home to a brand new home.  Building a new home takes a lot of time and energy so they need some help getting inspired on their interior design for their new home.  They'd like a mid-century/swanky feel to the home.  They've got a fairly open floor plan with the dining room, living room, and kitchen all open to each other.  It will be important to make sure everything coordinates, yet still provide distinct spaces.

We've sent them our questionnaire and here are their answers so that we can better understand their style and design intent for the space.

1. What space are we redesigning for you and what are the dimensions of that space (including the ceiling height)?  If you could sketch a simple floor plan with wall lengths and locations of windows and doors it would be helpful.

I would like for you to help me with my great room.  The ceilings are 9 feet tall.

2.What are your favorite design store/home decor stores?  They can be brick and mortar stores or online stores.  This will tell us a little bit about your style.

I enjoy cruising Room and Board, CB, CB2, West Elm, 2modern, Overstock, and Target for ideas. I am 40 minutes away from Detroit so I can find Ikea to Design within Reach stores.

3. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself and the feeling of the space you'd like?

I am conservative, understated, and safe.  I would like for the room to be simple, clean, but with splashes of color and fun here and there to help me escape my “safe” tendencies.

3. What is the most important thing you'd like to accomplish in your redesign?  Update the colors, new furniture arrangement, etc.

I really want to see how you would layout the furniture.  The fireplace is shared by the living room and the dinning room and creates a different kind of layout.  I’m thinking there could possibly be a little reading nook or conversation area there?

4. What are two of your favorite and least favorite colors?  What other colors are used throughout your home?

I like blue and gray lately.  I do not like orange or yellow.  I am really open to any color scheme.  I am boring…so anything you suggest will be a breath of fresh air! I am open to solids and prints.  I am not creative at all so I will love any of your ideas.  I am too lazy to repaint the walls.  The great room is painted SW6247  Krypton.  The hallways and kitchen are painted Mindful Gray SW7016.  The study off the great room is painted SW7081 Sensuous Gray and the guest bath is painted SW6278 Cloak Gray.  Writing this makes it sound like a prison…I guess we were feeling gray when we picked the colors….

5. Who will be using/living in this space?

My husband, 2 cats, and myself.  We want to use this space to entertain.  We have a small tv room elsewhere and want this room to be available for company.

6. What type of lighting do you have in the space?  We'll need to know if you use fluorescent bulbs or incandescent bulbs as colors look different under each of these types.  We should be able to see from the photos you send us the type and location of all fixed lighting in the space.

We have 4 can lights in the raised ceiling in the living room and 3 on the outer edge of the living room.  I think you can see them in the picture.  In the center of the room it is hard wired for a light fixture also.

7. Is there anything else you'd like us to include or consider in designing your space?  Include here if there are any pieces you'd really like to keep, or anything you'd really love to see!

We want to purchase all new furniture.  Nothing in the room will stay.  I need curtains, couch, chairs, tables, artwork…etc.  I really like the couches you used in your December 2009 Monday Redesigns.  I like the style of the Gus Modern Jane Sofa you used.  I also enjoyed the look of your Redesign that you posted on 12-21-09.

Be sure to check back Monday for her completed redesign!

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