Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin's Redesign: After

Remember Robin's redesign from Friday?  Here's her finished room layout and room inspiration board:

1. Modern Jane Sofa from 2modern.  This beautiful, clean lined sofa will help set the stage for the room.  Upholster it with Coburg Dune, a nice neutral colored fabric.

2. Pom Pom Rug.  This piece will help to bring some color into the space and liven things up!  The 5' x 8' size will be perfect for this space.

3. Hammery Modern End table and Round Side Table.  I purposely choose different side tables to have a slightly eclectic, but coordinated look.

4. Polly chair from Target.

5. Billy Bookcases with glass doors from IKEA.

6. Circle Coffee table from artist Michael Arras on Etsy.

7. Accent pillows in Turquoise Poppy and Henley Limeade Pillows.

8. Finish off the windows with 8' long stone colored velvet drapes and some sheers to let in the light while maintaining privacy.

9. Behind the sofa is a perfect place for a series of original watercolors.  Try Log No. 8, Feathery Plumes, and Nest No. 8.

10.  Add a little extra light to the end tables.  These Uplight table lamps from West Elm are the perfect fit.

What do you think?  This is probably my favorite redesign to date, and the best part:  Robin loves it!


sinika said...

I love this! I am very jealous that it comes so naturally to you to do this! I wish it were my talent. Thanks so much for sharing!

Melody said...

Totally gorgeous! And now I have a question: How do you know what size rug is right for a space? Like, should the rug be under the furniture at least a little bit? What should I be measuring?

erin said...

Thanks Sinika!
Melody: I'll do a little How-To later this week and teach you how to measure and choose the right-sized rug!