Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchen Utinsel Organizer DIY

I've been in the process of de-cluttering my kitchen.  I wanted to try to keep my counter top clean, since our current kitchen has no counter space.  I decided I needed to get rid of the huge container that had been sitting on my counter that held pretty much every utensil I had.  Whisks of various sizes, pasta forks, spatulas, stirring spoons, and everything else all shared the same container.  It was getting super crowded and I don't use those things all the time so I dumped the entire contents into one of the drawers... better already.  Only problem was, a few of the items I use at almost every meal.  I decided I needed a smaller container that I could leave out that would just hold a couple of items.  The problem with a smaller container is that when I put the utensils in, the entire container would tip over.  After some trial and error my solution was that I needed a medium sized container with some type of filler to keep my utensils from tipping and falling out.  My solution?

Combine a $1 decorative ceramic pot from IKEA:

A bag of nice decorative rocks:

Add the few utensils I use all the time:

Much better!  Nice, clean, and organized!

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