Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Redesign: Stephanie's Living Room

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We were met with a little hail and threats of tornadoes this weekend.... which is always fun.  My husband automatically goes into storm chaser mode when bad weather arises.

Well, today I have a fun living room/dining room redesign for you!  Stephanie is a photographer and has impeccable taste.  She wanted to keep her living/dining room colorful and fun, but simple and functional too.  She is an avid dwell reader, and loves to shop on Etsy.  I just knew the minute I saw her space, that this was going to be a fun redesign... we have very similar taste and I love her artistic flare.

I first worked up a new floor plan arrangement.  Stephanie had a great couch already in the space as well as a dining room table.  Keeping the space simple and functional was a must-- as the space is used for both a lounge area for the family as well as an eating area.

And now for a breakdown of the new goodies in Stephanie's space:

Living Room Redesign

  1. Stephanie already had this great piece of art that I based the entire redesign from.  Isn't it great?

  2. I used the Tullsta chairs from IKEA covered in the Green Sprig fabric from JCaroline Home.   The accent pillows are also from JCaroline Home covered in solid Orange Bdwalk and Apple Green.

  3. The Ottoman is a large 18″ square one from JCaroline Home covered in the Orange Bdwalk fabric.

  4. Accent rug from FLOR.  This is the All Square pattern in lime.

  5. A floor pillow in Tangelo from JCaroline Home.

I had such a great time working on this redesign and I hope Stephanie enjoys her new space!

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28 said...

this is so adorable - fun AND chic!