Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Redesign: Nursery

Is it Monday already again? Seriously!  Where do the weekends go?  I hope you had an enjoyable one and were able to spend time with family and friends, or take a break, or get some projects done around the house.   Or do whatever you love to do on your weekends.  We spent the weekend with family and friends and resting after all the craziness that's been going on around us.  Traveling really takes it out of me and I seem to pay for it for weeks.  Anyone else?  Today I thought I would share a little bit of fun and a little bit of serene in this nursery redesign.

Nursery Redesign

And now for a break down of the goodies.

  1. It all started with this cute polka dot bedding that I found at Land of Nod {which is Crate & Barrel's kids line-- they have cute, cute stuff!!}  This bedding has a more boy feel to it so I started planning the room to lean a little more boy.

  2. I love having inspiring pieces that have some educational value on the wall of a nursery.  I found this ABC wall art over at Etsy-- and it comes in many different colors so it would work for any room.

  3. I really love this rug and am tempted to buy it for my son's room.  It doesn't have a cheesy nursery feel to it, and should be able to grow with you over time.

  4. And of course your need a great glider in the nursery for those late nights.  I love the high back on this chair and it's clean look.

  5. And you may recognize this light from an earlier post.  I can easily say I've fallen in love with it.  I love the color pop it adds to the room.

I hope you've enjoyed this fun nursery design.  What fun things have you been working on lately?


Patchi (Trendy Peas) said...

Thanks for featuring our ABC design on your blog. I love this nursery design. That glider is wonderful.

Cole said...

LOVE the light, thank you for sharing!