Thursday, April 30, 2009

Staining and Sealing your Deck- DIY

Deck redo- before

We just loving seeing what other people are doing to help each other out.  Jeff Wison assisted a family in his community by helping them redo their deck which was in dire need of help.  We asked Jeff to share what he did to get the final product.  

Deck redo

The deck is about 12’ x 24’ and Jeff tore out the old lattice & rotted wood., The rotting was happening since the deck wasn't being protected from water damage.  Repeated wetting/drying cycles (and freeze/thaw cycles in the winter) caused cracks in wood that can’t be repaired. 
Jeff started replacing what we removed.  Where the “privacy” lattice had been, he put in a standard height railing, matching the top rails to the rest of the project.  With the top rails, deck and step boards, benches and table boards replaced, he cut the 100 or so 2x2 balusters which would be replacing the ineffective lattice.  He cut the balusters to match the style of the little fence just below the deck, so the two structures would complement each other when we were finished.  The owners of the home applied the Thompson’s Water Seal Advanced Wood Protector in Nutmeg Brown to all of the balusters after he cut them, and they were set aside to dry.
Next, Jeff applied Thompson’s Water Seal Heavy Duty Deck Cleaner with a plastic pump up garden sprayer, let it sit for ten minutes, and worked it in with a stiff bristled brush.  Then it was rinsed well with an electric pressure washer.  The electric pressure washer had plenty of pressure to do the job, since the Heavy Duty Deck Cleaner loosened up the mold, mildew, algae, and old coating on the deck.  The wood is always much, much lighter in color once it’s cleaned.  NOTE:  If you’ve never used a pressure washer, practice with one before you actually “hit” the deck.  If the pressure is too high, you can badly damage the wood.  You can rent pressure washers at some home improvement chains, or pick one up that is great for home use for around $200.
Then Jeff applied the Thompson’s Water Seal Advanced Wood Protector in Nutmeg Brown to the entire deck, benches, table, railings, and the remaining lattice (which hides the underside of the deck), using a paint pad on a long pole.  This works the product in well and eliminates bending (easier on the back!).  He also applied the Advanced to the little fence.   This product protects the surface from water damage, while adding a little sheer color.  That’s especially good as wood ages.  
 Once all of that was done he went back through, using a spacer, and installed the balusters all the way around the railings. 

Deck redo

Looks pretty good, don't you think?  Have a project that you'd like to share with us?  Go here to tell us about it.


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Jhutch said...

Nice Job Jeff! The deck looks very good.