Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frugal Furniture- by Guest Designer Kelli Ellis

Vastu Living room{image via Vastu}

If you are in the market for furniture then you must know my "Ancient Designer Secrets"...

1. "Swap Meet Steals" Smart retailers have learned the next-to-nothing overhead of the Swap Meet is the best way to move major quantities of furniture and pass on the discount to their even smarter shoppers. Spend a weekend or two at your local Swap Meet, you'll see it's virtually an outdoor Mall!

2. "Sample the floor" Always ask if a piece will discontinued soon, or if the furniture item you like is available to buy "off the floor", by most state laws it has to be sold at a discount because it's "used". Most retailers buy in bulk then need to get rid of "Floor Samples" quickly.

3. "Second Look" Do a little research and find out where the model homes and designers "consign" their furniture. It's the best bargain in town. You can find entire rooms full of coordinated, custom furnishings for a fraction of the original cost.

kellikitAnd the most important tip by far, is to "Space Plan, Space plan, space plan". Before any project, especially before spending major money on furniture, you must know what will fit in the room and where it will be placed. Whether you draw it out yourself or you use an easy, magnetic space planner (The Kelli Kit) make sure you have your plan "to scale" and then you can confidently shop for new furniture and accessories. Happy Hunting!!

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