Monday, March 30, 2009

Room Redesign-Christy's Ledge

This Monday's room redesign is a space that Christy has had a little trouble with.   Sometimes these ledges can be tricky!  But don't worry Christy!  Help is on the way!



For each redesign we ask the family a few questions that give us a little more insight into their style and how they'd like to use the space.  Here are Christy's answers:

What is the most important thing you’d like done with the space?

I want it to be pretty and make me happy when I look over there.  We spend a lot of time in this room and I always wish that it looked a little more "put together".

What are your favorite design store/home décor stores?  They can be brick and mortar stores or online stores.

Maybe if I had some favorite stores, I wouldn't be so totally design clueless!  Here are a few places that I love to look at for craft ideas and inspiration.  I'm sorry I'm not more "hip".


Pottery Barn

Anthropologie (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their bedding)

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Crafty, fun, and friendly

What are two of your favorite colors?

green (celery/lime/avocado---not so much kelly green) and blue

What are two of your least favorite colors?

That depends.  I don't like yellow in general but for home decor, I don't mind it so much.  I hate peach.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I think my design style is pretty casual.  We have yet to invest in furniture (ours is all hand me downs) but I'm drawn to mission style furniture with handmade details (art, pillows, etc...). I want to keep "family" and my tree. The pics on the wall need to go.  I'm going to move those upstairs.  I have 4 new pics that I want to put up there with some new frames (suggestions on those, please!).  One 8X10 vertical, one 5 X 7 vertical and two 5 X 7s horizontal.

Dimensions of the Space?

The length of the ledge is 14'2" and the depth is 8 1/2".

Ready for the wall design?


The first thing I'd like to do is add a little more scale.  Everything on the ledge and wall are small in scale so let's add a little more variety to the objects and clean up that ledge.   Christy told me she had new pictures to put up.  The largest is an 8X10, but I'd still like something bigger so let's frame it in a larger frame with a large mat background in a neutral color with a linen texture.


This frame is from, somewhere that I regularly order picture frames for my clients. This will let the pictures show up better, but by using the same frame in different sizes the focus will be on the images, and not the difference in the frames.


Christy also gets to keep her tree.  I found this cute little ceramic dove from Etsy seller MudHutt. Isn't this just darling?  The dove would be perfect to hang on Christy's tree she's keeping and will help to bring in some more blue into the space!

I know Christy is super crafty so I think that she can handle a little DIY project!  The blue background shape painted onto the wall will pull the pictures together on the wall and frame out the entire arrangement of photos!  Possibly with one of these colors:


Sherwin Williams colors are from left to right:  6483 Buoyant Blue, 6478 Watery, and 7610 Turkish Tile.

Then she can keep her Family sign that is currently sitting on the ledge and mount that on the wall, above the largest picture.

I think that's it!  Stay tuned next Monday for the next Room Redesign!  Thanks Christy for letting me design your space!


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