Friday, January 23, 2009

Office Decorating

I'm sure you haven't forgot about the blue paint we spilled all over the stairs. Needless to say after scrubbing Jonzy's paw prints out of the carpet for hours and hours, we couldn't bring ourselves to paint our office that color. It would bring back too many bad memories. I'm not quite ready to show you what color we went with as I need to put the finishing details on the room. Here are a couple items I am looking at that will give you some pretty good hints though.

Trepedation print 8x10 {$12.50 via StudioMarlene}

Spice Route pillow 18x11 {$21- via norajane}

Silhouette Prints {DIY via Design*Sponge}


Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Hollie said...

I LOVE that print!!!! I might have to get that picture! Can't wait to see the finished office:)

Crystal said...

I love the pillow Deb, so cute!! Matt and I really need to come visit you guys sometime soon, we'll have to figure something out!