Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Wrapping

I love, love, love wrapping gifts. It's almost as fun as seeing someone open the package. Here are a couple inspiration wrappings I found out there. I hope it gives you the creative juice to make your packages beautiful. Happy wrapping!

Left over paint swatches used to create this beauty. {via dSharp}

Reusuable gift bags {via Lucky Crow}

Unique gift wrapping and all sorts of shapes {via Martha}

Beautiful wrapping paper {via Heidi}

Simple wrapping using maps {via moleskinerie}

How do you like to wrap your gifts?


Nicole said...

I love wrapping gifts too. A friend of mine once brought me baskets of Christmas gifts to wrap and I loved it. I have even considered getting one of those temporary gift wrapper jobs at the mall. I am glad to know there is someone out there who loves wrapping gifts as much as I do!

Rachel said...

i hate that I always put off wrapping gifts til the last minute and so they are never very creative. It seems like something I would like to do, but I don't, probably because i put it off so long. I like the reusable bags idea.

wendysue said...

Oh! How much do I love the paint chip circle package? When I was wrapping this year, using my usual $1 a roll paper from the grocery store, I decided that next year I'm going to buy real paper and real bow, not the cheapo stuff. There's just something about a fantastic package.