Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Babies First Christmas Ornaments

We have a tradition in our house of getting a new ornament ever year. I usually try to pick an ornament that represents that year so when I go to decorate the tree the following year I can reflect on the events of the past and be so very thankful for all my blessings. This year, I have the joy of starting Caden's very own ornament collection. I've been looking for an ornament for quite some time and am having trouble deciding which one to get. Here are some of my favorites.

Deer Ornament {$14 via September House} - Simple and sweet

Vintage Baby Spoon {$18 via lesliejanson} - I just wish this one were personalized or had 2008 on it somewhere

New Addition Peapod Ornament {$22 via SarEi}- beautifully handpainted and personalized

Footprint/Handprint DIY kit {$13.95 via BabySakes}


Anonymous said...

After having my kids grow so fast I wish I had ornaments like the handprint one. We too do the ornament each year and now get each child one of their choice. You can also go to and have one made from a photo. Enjoy your little one- they grow so fast!

Chimera Crochet said...

We do a family ornament each year too, but we always buy one that has the year and a space for a photo. That way we can look back what we looked like at Christmas each year.
I did like the little deer one. But if you got the spoon one, there are several places in town that could engrave it for you.

Kristine said...

So I love them all. You've got a tough decision to make! :) We got your Christmas card today and I wanted to say how much I ADORED it!! Couldn't have been any more perfect, really! Miss you!

Nicole said...

I would have to vote for either the deer or the handprint. I really like the deer, it is very cute. Just looking at these makes me think we should get ornaments every year. The only problem is that we already have lots of ornaments so I don't know if I could convince Tristan to let me get more.