Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Holiday cards & tags

Okay, I know, I know... you probably think I'm going a little crazy with the holidays still being a few weeks out. However, I haven't designed something new in a long, long time and I really like these. ALOT. They are just my style. Simple and cute. So I wanted to share them with you all. Check them out in the shop.

What are you sending out this christmas? I want to do something really fun and special this year, but I haven't thought of what that special thing is going to be yet. Any ideas?

Vive le weekend!


Nicole said...

Go Caden themed. When Alex was a baby his daycare made calendars with hand and foot prints. For Christmas they did a tree with his hand (fingers downward) and a star stamped at the top. Or for January they did a snowman from his foot (the heel was the head, toes at the bottom) then accessorized.

Deb said...

Those are some great ideas Nicole!! Sounds like you had a very brave daycare. ;)