Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back To School

Wow! I remember shortly before I had Porter (child #2), someone told me that with one child you can still do the things you always have (and I did), but with two children, you realize you just can't do everything and have to let some things go (which was absolutely true). They never told me what happens with three children, but I would say that it's easy to let everything go! I have time for my three children right now and that's about it! I'm loving it, though. It really is a wonderful thing and I know there are seasons to everything and we will get back into the groove soon.

When Gabby was 10 days old, we drove back home to Nebraska to watch Casey receive his MBA. This has been three years in the making and I completely broke down when I saw him receive his degree. He has worked so hard and we as a family have sacrificed so much to make this happen. We debated whether to make the trip back for his degree as we knew it was a little crazy, but we thought it would set a great example to Caden. And it has.... he now has a piggy bank that he "saves for college."

Speaking of school... Caden started preschool last week. He goes three days a week for 2 1/2 hours. He has the same teacher as last year and loves it! When I asked Caden what he wants to be when he grows up, he said "a football player." Here is his giving a 4 year old forced smile to the camera. (He does this every time the camera comes out).

Then I tell him to be himself. Ah, that's better.

Now for the goofy shots.

And one with brother.

For those of you wanting a Gabby update. She is doing really well. I tried to take good pictures for her announcement a few weeks back and this is what I got.

Fussiness. Pure fussiness and I haven't been able to take pictures since. Blame it on the light, or the pure craziness that is our household currently, it just hasn't happened.


Hilary said...

I'm so proud of you Debbie. You are amazing. I cannot imagine the art of juggling three children. A husband working on his masters. All of it. All the chaos. Know that your children are beautiful, smart, and loved. You're a great mommy.

As far as baby photos, I took me 4 days (4 tries) at capturing kellen's photos and that was with one child who slept for 3-4 hours at a time during the day. Being mom, food source, photographer, photographers assistant, and GM of household is A LOT of work. I should have just hired someone to help me :)

Rest assured you are doing it all correctly.

Love you!

Suzanne anderson said...

Oh she is so beautiful. . . Even when crying!!! Congrats on graduation and having sweet Gabrielle! I totally know that break down feeling at graduation because I did the same thing. It just seems like its worth so much more now that kids have been involved in the entire process. Oh and We still miss you guys!