Wednesday, April 11, 2012


|Taken right before bed time last night|

In case you've ever been curious, I have bad days too.  One of the funny things about having this blog is that everyone assumes I'm super woman.  As much as I wish that were true, it isn't.  I started this blog to help me focus on the positive in my life and as it turns out, it usually involves my children.  I love all the fun projects we do, and I love sharing them in hopes that they inspire you.

You may have noticed my blogging has been light recently.  Right now, I'm exhausted.  Seriously exhausted.  I can't find my energy and it's the most frustrating thing.  I'm not one that naps or relaxes much so when the only thing I can think about upon waking up is if I will get a nap or not that day is super frustrating to me.  I feel like a terrible mother and can be really hard on myself during times like these. Needless to say, my creative juices are not flowing like usual which only adds to my frustration.  I read this article, "Connecting with Kids When You're Exhausted" yesterday and wanted to pass it along for anyone else that might be interested.

I hope to be back soon to share some fun things.  In the meantime, feel free to tell me in the comments what's inspiring you these days.



Hilary said...

I'd wonder about you if you weren't exhausted. Don't feel like a bad mommy for being tired. Were you not tired with your other pregnancies? Both of mine were about being tired until the 8th month and then only a quick burst of energy for a week or two. With my second pregnancy, I blew up a camping mattress, laid it in the playroom and slept on it while my first played. It was the best I could do. A least I was right there with her even though I could hardly function. She would even use it for a trampoline while I rested on it. Good times.

Need some inspiration? Soon enough you can lay in the backyard blow up pool while your children run circles around you. They'll burn off energy while you just lay there, in an awesome kiddie pool.

Take care of yourself and rest assured your babies are just fine!

Cindy Lou said...

Deb, Take care of you!! And take a nap!! That's always my advice, especially to young moms AND ESPECIALLY to young moms who are pregnant!! Love you!