Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pregnancy Must Haves

I'm 18.5 weeks and growing faster than I ever remember with my other two.  If there's one thing I dread, it's maternity clothes.  I try to go as long as possible without purchasing kangaroo pants and maternity tops.  Luckily, I have a lot of form fitted shirts that are nice and long.  There are a few other items I love keeping on hand.

  1. Bella Band- I love being able to wear my same pants that I know fit me well.  I have always struggled finding maternity pants that suit me so the Bella Band is something I love having around.

  2. Extra Long Cami.  These give me a little extra support and also a little added length over the top of my pants.  I don't like feeling exposed to the world, and this makes sure everything stays in place where it should.

  3. Leggings- I love wearing leggings under dresses.  I haven't really tried this with any other baby, but I'm pretty sure I will love leggings this time around.  They have an elastic waist so they will fit for the duration of my pregnancy.

  4. Comfortable shoes- I've been wearing flip flops and flats like there's no tomorrow.  I usually swell like a balloon the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy so I'm enjoying cute shoes while I can.

  5. Dresses- these are the easiest (and most comfortable!) to wear while pregnant.  I actually spotted this maternity dress at Target the other day and I think I'm going to get it.

  6. Cocoa Butter- I put lotion on my growing belly every morning and sometimes night.  I don't know if it helps prevent stretch marks, but I've been pretty fortunate to have minimal marks.  My first pregnancy I didn't get any, my second I got a few.  Let's hope my third is kind to me as well.

  7. Chocolate.  Trust me, I'm a much happier pregnant when I have chocolate around.

What did I miss?  What are your pregnancy must haves?


Sarah Manley said...

Well, back when I was pg, I couldn't stand chocolate (which is NOT normal for me).

I craved/obsessed over strawberries and orange juice. SO I made hubby get Big Jumbo sized Jamba Juice for me --yep my own personal 6 pack; that I put in the freezer, so I could sip slowly all day or stave off an occassional craving....

Sarah Manley said...

So we are neighbors because I live in Waconia, too. My hubby went to the one by Lake Calhoun; the Jumbo ones will freeze nicely (assuming you make the room for them). I delivered before Ridgeview redid their birthing area. Love living here!