Monday, November 28, 2011

Hair Gel Bag for Toddlers

Another great activity for toddlers!


  1. Hair Gel (I found mine at the Dollar Store)

  2. Food Coloring

  3. Ziploc Bag (Gallon size)


  1. Pour entire bottle of hair gel into Ziploc Bag.

  2. Add 10 drops (more or less depending on the color you want) of food coloring.

  3. Mix and zip up the bag

Caden helped me mix the hair gel and food coloring and starting playing with it on the table.  He loved squishing the bag and "moving the bubbles around."  He's been really into his ABC's lately so I asked him to draw a letter.  He was having a tough time so I pulled out the light table.

It was so much easier to see what he was drawing on the light table.  After getting a few of the bubbles out, it was even better.

"The letter E"

Starting to draw a big E.

"E is in my name."

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