Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Settling In: Living Room

We are finally getting around to decorating our new home.  We painted some rooms shortly after moving in, but that's about it.  I'm pretty sure exhaustion took over with all the unpacking and settling going on.

Here's a little reminder of what the room looks like....

We originally thought we'd buy six Ribba frames from Ikea so we did a mock up over the couch to see what it would look like.

Then we talked about what we'd put in the six frames, but we couldn't pinpoint something that we both liked.  I was leaning more towards something like this to focus on textures and patterns.  My husband, Casey, had the idea of breaking up a large portrait into a series (something like this).  We both agreed that we liked the overall size of hanging the six frames, but would be okay with one solid piece too.  We knew this wall needed a lot of impact as it was the main focus when people walked into our home.  We found this great mirror at Ikea ages ago, and I swore it would never go here, but in the end, I had to admit to the fact that it works.  (I worry that people will be caught off guard seeing their reflection first when walking into our home).  It works here though because of the thick frame and it makes this small living room appear so much larger.

Luckily when we moved into this home, I loved the window treatments and since they match very well with our style and color palette.  We are still working on the styling of the space, but here's a glimpse what else we've added to the room.

These are frames that we had on hand and felt they anchored the chair to the ground. We'll switch out the pictures eventually (we've had these same pictures in the frames for over 5 years so we're ready for a change).

I wouldn't say this space is completed by any means, but I think we're off to a good start.  If you need styling tips for bookshelves (I know I do!), Jenny with Little Green Notebook has some great inspiration and tips.

|Sources: Bench- Pier 1; Bookshelf- Crate & Barrel; Black Leather Chair- Slumberland; Lamps- Target; Mirror- Ikea; Picture above Bench- Home Goods|


Julie said...

Wow u have been busy!! Looks great!! What a fun mirror and I love the ladder shelf... Not sure what u call it but super fun!!!

deb said...

Thanks JuJu!

jenny said...

I think it looks great. We've been in our house for a year and I'm still trying to decide what I want to put above our couch....