Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scary Momma

We are guaranteed to have better days around here if we have something to look forward to.  These days we usually look forward to going to the beach, library, or community center.  Yesterday, we did all three.

Because we needed that much to look forward to yesterday.

What?  Too much?

Well, it was either that or "scary momma" in charge.  You know scary momma.  She comes out when things are just too much (or when I think it's a good idea to do this).  Scary momma seems to be around an awful lot lately. So I'm probably causing ADD in my children by keeping them so busy, but isn't a sane mother worth it?


Heidi Webster said...

It's definitely good for a mom's soul to be busy doing kid things. Sometimes even all day. Plus, when I do lots of things with my little girl, I come home feeling like I was a good mom instead of a scary mom!

deb said...

It's true, I always feel like a better mom when we're doing something fun together.