Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who Empowers You?

The following is a post sponsored by Yahoo! Every time someone clicks here to make Yahoo! their homepage, they're showing their support for Girls For A Change.

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

We all need someone pushing us to make sure we're the best person we can be. I am lucky to be surrounded by a few people that give me a push when I need one, a kick in the butt when necessary, or play devil's advocate to motivate me.

One person that comes to my mind right now is Erin Loechner.  The funny thing is, we've spent very little time together, but she's definitely impacted me and how I want to live my life.  She's amazingly talented, a good listener and continually giving back.  And another thing?  She has a personal mission statement, and a darn good one, too.

Isn't she the cutest person ever?  I just want to put her in my pocket!  Erin has empowered me to make some necessary changes in my life, has given me focus, and the motivation to refine my voice.  I'm not trying to "find myself" like I tried to in college.  I know who I am, but now I have to figure out how to amplify who I am to make the world a better place.  What contribution can I give?  And how can I make a difference in this world?

So who do you have in your life that inspires or empowers you? I really want to know.  What do they do that gives you a push?  Do they listen?  Do they share opportunities with you?

Want to help empower women today? Girls For A Change is doing what so many people have done for us.  They are a national organization that empowers girls to create social change.   How cool is that?  They invite young women to design, lead, fund and implement social change projects that tackle issues girls face in their own neighborhoods.  The program inspires girls to have the voice, ability and problem solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential.

This is something we all need, no?!  So this is how you can help...

Yahoo! will donate $10 to Girls For A Change for each person who clicks here to make Yahoo! their homepage by July 1...up to $10,000!

I've changed my homepage.  Will you?

|Photos: Me circa 2009 taken by Casey Averett and Erin Loechner taken by Betsy King|


erin loechner said...

Made me tear up --- thank you, sweet Deb!!!!

deb said...

No, thank YOU, Erin! xo

Stacey Nerdin @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

What an awesome post, and a wonderful campaign! I have to, love, love Erin. I've only recently discovered her (yes, I was apparently living under a rock), and am amazed by her generous spirit. And it might be cheesy, but my own three teenage daughters empower me. Because of their enthusiasm and hope for the future, and their confidence that great things will come, it makes me want to keep moving forward, too.

Lovely post, Deb!

deb said...

You have AMAZING children, Stacey and I think a good amount of their enthusiasm and hope can be attributed to you. You're an amazing mom, and always want what's best for them.