Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our New Humble Abode

A couple fun things you should know about these pictures.  I took these before the morning that the movers were coming.  It was cold and rainy.  Okay, that wasn't really fun, but get this.  You will see all of our short term living items laying around.  So fun, right?  We decided to have a camp-out like experience for our first night in the new home and it was pretty awesome and memorable.

So first up.  This is Caden's room.

We decided the pink wasn't too suitable so we changed it to his favorite color.... green.  We also removed the white trim and drapery.  We still have a ways to go, but it's a start.  And he's jumping on his bed so what more can you ask for?

A house looks so much better with furniture, no?

Here's Porter's room.

Casey's Grandma would be soooooo happy in this room.  But atlas, we couldn't handle it.  I'm not quite sure we can handle this color either, but that's what I get for choosing a color by its name.  This color is called bubble from Sherwin Williams.  That describes Porter perfectly.  He's a little bubble of cuteness.

I told Casey that once I get the accents and decorations up, it will be just fine.  At least for Mr. Bubble and me.  The next thing to be removed from this room?  That silly light fixture.

That's all the updating we've done so far, but here's a look at some of the other rooms in our house.  I realize it's hard to place where you're at without furniture, but once we have some updating done, I will show you pictures.

This is the living/dining/kitchen.  This is my favorite area of the house right now.  Probably because it's halfway livable.  Right behind me in this picture is a huge window (taller than the one you see) with the same long drapes.  I LOVE these drapes.  They are simple, sturdy and a nice neutral color.

The kitchen is quite a bit smaller than our first home.  But, it does have an island.  wOOt!

When you go down those stairs, you enter the family room.  Like so.

I think I will like this space once I figure out how the heck we are going to lay it out.  We need to fit our office, toys and large couches in here.  Uh, yeah.  That's probably why we are stalking Ikea these days.

Go down another flight of stairs and you're in the basement.  Or what we like to call the Guest Suite.  Yes, we are that awesome so you better come visit!

Here's a little better look at the suite (sweet) part.  haha

It's not much, but look at this.

We figure you need your very own bar if you're staying with us.

So there you have it.  A nice little tour of bits of our new home.  We love it here so far so I can only hope the fun continue!


Hilary Fuller said...

wow, a guest suite! if only you guys weren't SO FAR AWAY! love the new place and can't wait to see photos!

Jill scripps said...

it all looks beautiful! i laughed when i read that the next thing to go was the light...i think it looks awesome!

KatyMay said...

I want to come visit!! Maybe Jordan and I can plan a trip within the next year :)

Deb said...

Hilary- ha! Maybe we will live closer someday!!

Jill- your comment made me laugh! This light fixture does put out any light and make me feel 20 years older when I'm fumbling around in the dark changing a diaper. It is cute though!

Kaitlyn- we would love that!!