Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!

I snapped this picture of us last night while we were out at dinner from my phone.

It felt so good to go out sans kids.  We needed a little time to process everything that has changed in our lives in the last couple months and celebrate the 10 wonderful years we've been together.

I will let you know, the Mr. looked way hot last night, and took my breath away just like we were 21 again.

We hadn't really talked about a gift so I just assumed that we were splurging on a trip together and keeping it simple.  While at the store with the boys the other day, I spotted a pooper scooper that I though would be perfect for Casey.  He's been way diligent about picking up after the dog despite his constant gagging so I thought this tool would minimize the reflex.

And what did he get me?  A beautiful necklace.  It is so gorgeous and amazing!  It has 11 diamonds on it-- 10 for the years we've been through and 1 for the many more we'll spend together. Isn't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard?

He took my breath away once again.  This is why I married this man.  He's so sweet, caring, and catches me by surprise at the best moments. And I love the fact that he can laugh off my pooper scooper gift and spoil me like crazy.  That sure doesn't hurt.

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!


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