Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 10 Years, Sweetheart!

10 years ago today, I married the love of my life. It is the best decision I've ever made in my life.  Period.

He makes me happy.  Really, really happy.

And there's no better match for me.

I remember walking down the aisle with my dad with tears rolling down my eyes.  Happy tears because I knew I was marrying the man for me.

And here I am with happy tears again today.

We've been through a lot in these short ten years.  Some of my favorite memories (in no particular order) are:  graduating college (both of us!), getting Casey started in an MBA program (he's over half way!), moving to a different state (twice!), two lovely boys, a dog, moving just about every year into a new apartment, buying and selling a house, mudding and sanding the basement (never again!), trips to various parts of the country and Mexico.

Wow!  10 wonderful years!

To celebrate, we'll be going somewhere nice for dinner tonight.  Down the road, we will be taking a trip- just him and me.  We aren't quite sure where or when yet, but hopefully this fall.  (This move has put us a little behind in planning).  I've been shopping different vacation spots and I've seen some great deals for Costa Rica.  Have you ever been there, or do you have any favorite vacation spots that you'd like to share?


Crystal said...

My best friend went to Costa Rica on her honeymoon a few years ago and absolutely loved it! And the pictures were gorgeous. I dont think you can go wrong with Costa Rica :) Happy Anniversary you two! Love you both and we cant wait to see you so soon!

Brooke Weber said...

Congrats on 10 years was fun to see some pictures of you! I sure do miss you and those cute cute boys! A vacation with just the hubby sounds awesome....hope you find the perfect spot to visit and RELAX!! You deserve it sweet girl!! Congratulations again!

deb said...

How fun, Crystal!! We love you guys too and can't wait to see you!!

deb said...

Brooke! We miss you guys so much! Thanks for the congrats! xo